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is the computer package which comprises:

8 Welsh dictionaries in one
and Cysill3
the latest vesrion of the Welsh spellchecker

Windows version
Price: 40

(plus 3
recorded delivery)

Mac version

The Macintosh version is available on-line for free downloading.

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Cysgeir is the dictionary which includes:
• The CysGair dictionary
• Y Termiadur Ysgol: for schools
• Archaeological terms
• Social Work and Social Care
• Environment Agency Wales terms
• Terms for Health Promotion
• Mental Health terms
• Dictionary of Finance
• Dictionary of Nursing and Midwifery

Cysgeir includes a Toolbar for Microsoft Word and Star/OpenOffice and the program can be used with other programs by means of a hotkey.

Cysgeir can cut and paste Welsh and English words from the dictionary to your document.

Cysgeir can recognise mutations and verb conjugations. For example, Cysgeir can identify 'gath' as a mutated form of 'cath' and 'ysgrifennodd' as a form of 'ysgrifennu'.


Cysill 3

Cysill 3 is the current version of the popular Welsh spelling and grammar checker. When a grammatical error is found, an explanation of the relevant rule will be given in English or Welsh according to your choice.

Cysill 3 includes a Welsh Thesaurus (containing over 3,000 headwords) and a Welsh Verb Conjugator. The customizable options allow you to edit your personal dictionary, change your language style and your spelling and grammar rules.

The second part of the Cysgliad package is Cysill 3 which includes its own Toolbar for Microsoft Word and Star/OpenOffice; the program can be used with other programs by means of a hotkey.

A comprehensive Help file is included to assist you when learning to use the program effectively.
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Cysill for Macintosh

Cysill on-line


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