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Setting up Windows 7
to work in Welsh

yn Gymraeg button - load the Welsh version

If you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, all the accented characters used in Welsh and others from European languages are already there in most of the fonts that are on the computer; AcenSyml 2.1 (easy accent) makes it easy for you to type them from the keyboard in easy-to-remember key press combinations in versions of Windows up to and including Windows XP, but it does not work with the newer applications such as Word in Windows 7.

You can set up your computer to use the Welsh Keyboard driver that is already available in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The Windows Welsh Keyboard driver scans the keys and looks for the particular combinations that produce the accented characters.

For details of key presses see the Windows Welsh Keyboard page.

Windows 7, XP and Vista have an in-built facility for writing in Welsh by offering keyboard access to all the accented characters used in Welsh.

The first step in setting this up is to set up Admistrator's rights.

Click here if you don't know how to do this


Setting up the Welsh keyboard in Windows 7

Open the Control Panel; select the
Clock, Language, and Region section
and in it open Region and Language
then follow the steps below

Select region and language

1. Click on Keyboard and Languages

2. Click on Change keyboards.
The Text Services and Input Languages control box appears.

Select Keyboard controller

3. Click Add.

4. Select Welsh
(United Kingdom Extended)

5. Confirm the selection OK
in the Text Services and Input Languages Services box.

6. Confirm the keyboard selection OK in the Region and Language box.

7. Close the control panel.

Set keyboard to Wales (United Kingdom)

 Summary of Key presses for the Welsh Keyboard

- for more information see the Windows Keyboard Driver page

Circumflex (To bach)

<ctrl><alt><6> then vowel

Acute accent (Acen ddyrchafedig)

<ctrl><alt> <'> (@) key), then the vowel.
short cut: <ctrl><alt> with vowel (not é or É it gives a Euro symbol instead)

Grave (Acen ddisgynedig)

<`>- grave accent key - to the left of the number 1 key) then vowel, (No <ctrl><alt>)

Diaeresis (Didolnod - Umlaut)

<ctrl><alt><2> then vowel


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