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MEU Cymru Welsh fonts

The problem with writing in Welsh on a standard computer is that you cannot easily produce the accents on the w and the y -circumflexed y and w .
All modern computers can
produce the other accented vowels used in Welsh (a,e,i,o,u) but it's not very easy to type them.
Click below to see what you need to write Welsh easily on your computer:


Windows 95/98/ME

Macintosh System 7,8,9

 Macintosh System X

the accents

MEU Cymru has the complete solution for thecircumflexed y and w
We offer:


the keyboard driver AcenSyml 2.1 for Windows7, Vista, XP and the Windows 2000 where the characters are present in Unicode form but are difficult to access;


Ffontiau Cymraeg for older versions of Windows and MacOS where the accented w and y do not exist;


information for setting up the Welsh keyboard which already exists in Macintosh System X.

Ffontiau Cymraeg pack £50

The Ffontiau Cymraeg pack, price £30, contains five standard Welsh fonts which include all the alphabetical characters that can possibly occur in contemporary written Welsh, including every accented character and conforms to internatioinal standards.
The AcenSyml 2.1 Welsh Keyboard driver, price £20 is supplied as part of the standard package
 We can also supply the fonts in Unicode form.
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Ctrl Alt W

AcenSyml 2.1 , price £15, loads onto your computer and  is very easy to use:
to type a w with a circumflex, hold down <Ctrl> and <Alt> and strike the letter <W>, and similarly for all the Welsh vowels:  A,E,I,O,U,W,Y.  You can also type capital accented vowels by adding <Shift> or <Caps Lock>.
Existing Ffontiau Cymraeg users can upgrade their keyboard driver to
AcenSyml2.1 for just £10.
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Cysgliad is the prime computer package for writing good Welsh on the computer and comprises:
- 8 Welsh dictionaries in one
Cysill3 - the latest vesrion of the Welsh spellchecker
plus other utilities.
Price: £43 including recorded delivery.

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Welsh and celtic fonts and celtic patterns - click for more information

ffont ysg

ffont celtaidd

celtic patterns


Ffontiau Cymraeg
especially for
primary schoolchildren

Ffontiau celtaidd
Celtic font Gwala
Pysgod ac Adar capitals

Celtic patterns
Image files and
keyboard chains

Adnoddau CD Rom
Comprehensive collection
of MEU Cymru font products

Price £30

Price £20

Price £20

Price £50

Order by e-mail, or post a cheque or official order to MEU Cymru,
57 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, CARDIFF CF14 6LU
Tel/Fax: 029 20 628300               E-mail: