Nôl i'r dudalen hafan

Y and W

yn Gymraeg

Teipio llythrennau acennog

When writing in Welsh on a standard computer you cannot easily produce accents on ŵ and ŷ.

All modern computers can produce the other accented vowels used in Welsh (â,ê,î,ô,û)

but it's difficult to get at the ŵ and ŷ.

Most of the fonts on your computer already contain ALL the accented characters used in Welsh,
including ŵ and ŷ.

In order to type them from the keyboard, you need to: set up your computer to do this and then use the appropriate key combinations on the keyboard to produce the accented vowel (â,ê,î,ô,û,ŵ,ŷ).

Set up Windows 10 to give easy access to Welsh accented characters

Set up Mac OS to give easy access
to Welsh accented characters

Typing accented characters
in Windows 10
Typing accented characters
in Mac OS

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Ffontiau celtaidd
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Download £5

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