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Y and W

yn Gymraeg

MEU Cymru Welsh fonts

When writing in Welsh on a standard computer you cannot easily produce accents on y and w (circumflexed y and w ).
All modern computers can produce the other accented vowels used in Welsh (a,e,i,o,u)
but it's not very easy to type them.

Click below to see what you need to write Welsh easily on your computer:

 Windows 7, Vista & XP

 Windows XP/2000

Macintosh System X

 Earlier Mac and Windows

Click here to find out how to install fonts in Windows XP, Vista and 7


MEU Cymru has the complete solution for circumflexed y and w
We offer:


Comprehensive instructions for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP users to set up easy access to the Welsh keyboard and accented charactersi that are already there on the computet.


Comprehensive intrauctions for Macintosh OSX to set up the Mac for writing inWelsh


AcenSyml 2.1 ar gyfer cyfrifiaduron Windows XP a 2000 lle mae'n anodd i fynd at y llythrennau acennog er eu bod yn bresennol mewn ffurf Unicode ar y cyfrifiadur.


Ffontiau Cymraeg ar gyfer cyfrifiaduron hynach Windows a Macintosh.

Welsh and celtic fonts and celtic patterns - click for more information

ffont ysg

ffont celtaidd

celtic patterns


Ffontiau Cymraeg
especially for
primary schoolchildren

Ffontiau celtaidd
Celtic font Gwala
Pysgod ac Adar capitals

Celtic patterns
Image files and
keyboard chains

Adnoddau CD Rom
Comprehensive collection
of MEU Cymru products

Price 30

Price 20

Price 20

Price 50


Order by e-mail, telephone or by posting a cheque or official order to:
MEU Cymru, 57 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, CARDIFF CF14 6LU
Tel/Fax: 029 20 628300