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Cwrwgl AY

Heledd AY


Teifryn AY


Our standard Ffontiau Cymraeg pack contains the fonts shown above;
they substitute for commonly used standard fonts:
(Avante Garde), Cwrwgl (Courier), Heledd (Helvetica/Ariel),
(Palatino), and Teifryn (Times).
They are supplied in plain, bold, italic and bold italic typefaces in TrueType and Postscript formats.



MEU Cymru first developed and published the Ffontiau Cymraeg Welsh fonts and keyboard driver pack in 1993. They have been used thoughout Wales in that period by national and local government, by publishers, utitily companies and a wide range of public and voluntary bodies as well as extensively in schools.

Even today when Unicode fonts are included in computers with many of these including the Welsh accented characters, it is not easy to access these characters from the keyboard, so our  AcenSyml2.1 keyboard driver is still an important tool in keeping the Welsh language up to date with current practice.


The PC fonts are fully conformant to ISO-IR 6, the Welsh variant of the international standard, ISO/IEC 8859-1 (Latin1), They are also conformant to the Celtic-specific international standard ISO/IEC 8859-14 (Latin 8).
The Mac OS fonts are conformant to the Mac OS Celtic standard developed by MEU Cymru and Everson Gunn Teoranta.
For more information on Celtic character sets, see

The AcenSyml Keyboard driver

The AcenSyml/EZAccent keyboard driver included in the package enables you to type the accented characters easily:

PC (Windows)

AcenSyml 2.1 for Windows 95, 98, ME, XP. NT, 2000

Macintosh OS6,7,8,9

Keyboard map which loads into your Apple Mac

Macintosh System X

You can set this up with its own Welsh keyboard driver. Click here for details

ffontiau cover

Ffontiau Cymraeg for PC Windows or Apple Macintosh

2 floppy discs containing the 5 fonts in TrueType and PostScript format, plus user guide.

Available for e-mail delivery

Price: £30.00
(including carriage)

Lower cost options
AcenSyml 2.1 keyboard driver upgrade - (existing users)


One font with AcenSyml 2.1 keyboard driver

Two fonts with AcenSyml 2.1 keyboard driver

Three fonts with AcenSyml 2.1 keyboard driver

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Order by e-mail, telephone or by posting a cheque or official order to:
MEU Cymru, 57 Beulah Road, Rhiwbina, CARDIFF CF14 6LU
Tel/Fax: 029 20 628300