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Celtic Patterns

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celtic square 1
A collection of elements in the form of fonts and images which can be joined together to form frames, chains and other patterns.
celtic chain 2
They can be used with colour to create beautiful woven and knotwork images.
celtic square 2

You can work with the images:
horizontal chain
malwal 1
in an ordinary word processor, typing in the chain elements, in open (plain) or solid (bold) from the keyboard to form chains to enhance the appearance of your written work.
in a graphics package to gain a lot more flexibility in using colours and shading to fill and manipulate the chains, producing celtic images in a short space of time limited only by your own creativity.

vertical chain 2
The Celtic Patterns package contains a collection of graphics images and fonts which provide a chain or pattern element on the keys of your computer keyboard.
The fonts are named from Welsh legends: Carew, Corwen, Nevern and Malwalbi
The plain text elements are in outlined form and the bold versions are solid.


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Celtic Patterns for PC Windows or Apple Macintosh

CD Rom containing the pattern element fonts and images

Also available for e-mail delivery

Price: £20.00
(including carriage)


Order by e-mail, telephone or by posting a cheque or official order to:
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