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ffontiau celtaidd

yn Gymraeg

MEU Cymru's celtic fonts enable you to present written work as a work of art. Who would have thought that the computer could give everyone the opportunity to create beautiful illustrated pages on the screen and on paper? In a few minutes, you can colour and fill the font characters to produce  work that would have taken the old scribes hours.

The Celtic Fonts pack comprises two fonts:


Gwalia is a celic font which is a compromise between the writing in the old manuscripts, such as the Lindisfarne gospels and readability eg. the letter 'g' is simpller than the old 'g' which is in many manuscripts. The name of the font of course from the Latin name for Wales.

pysgod ac adar

The illuminated capitals which draw so heavily on celtic art traditions make an enormous contibution to the beauty of the celtic gospels. MEU developed the idea of basing an alphabet of illuminated capitals on the forms of fish (pysgod) and birds (adar), hence the name.

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The table below shows collections of characters from Gwalia and Pysgod ac Adar. Note that you are free to choose whatever colour you wish for the font and in the case of  Pysgod ac Adar, you can colour and shade within the outlines of the letters in whatever way you wish.



pysgod ac adar


Celtic fonts for Windows or Apple Macintosh

adnoddau cover

Pack contents:
Celtic font Gwalia

Celtic capitals font Pysgod ac Adar

Available through e-mail

Price: £20.00
(including delivery and AcenSyml 2.1)


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